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Poll Worker Application

  1. Poll Worker Application

  2. Poll Worker Eligibility

    You must be a United States Citizen or Legal U.S. Resident of at least 16 years old. If you are under 18 years old, please fill out the Student Poll Worker Application. If you are a Merced County Employee, please fill out the Merced County Employee as Volunteer Poll Workers Program Application.

  3. Poll Worker Hours

    On Election Day you will arrive to your polling location by 6:00 AM. Expect to leave your polling location around 9:00 PM. Your assigned training classes will be approximately 2 hours long. The training classes take place in the two weeks prior to an Election.

  4. Poll Worker Positions

    There are four different Poll Worker Positions: Poll Worker, Equipment Technician, Inspector and Rover. Poll Workers issue ballots, verify voter information, and preserve the integrity of the voting process. Equipment Technicians set up and break down voting equipment in addition to all of the Poll Worker duties. Those who hold the Inspector position are the leader of their designated precinct, they have additional responsibilities and in most cases they will need prior experience working as a Poll Worker. Lastly, the Rovers are responsible for running supplies to polling locations along with many other important duties. The Rover position requires related experience.

  5. Poll Worker Training and Compensation

    Poll Workers are paid $130.00 for Election Day and $20.00 for one training class.

  6. Equipment Technician Training and Compensation

    Equipment Technicians are paid $130.00 for Election Day and $40.00 for two training classes.

  7. Inspector Training and Compensation

    Inspectors are paid $150.00 for Election Day and $60.00 for three training classes

  8. Poll Pad Technician Training and Compensation

    Poll Pad Technicians are paid $130.00 for Election Day and $40.00 for two training classes.

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