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Service Requests During COVID-19

Merced County is committed to the safety of its employees, and the public that we serve.  In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we will be limiting in-person contact where possible by limiting public access to our office lobbies.  We are requesting you to contact our office prior to conducting business in-person, and we will make every effort to conduct business remotely, by appointment, and with as little in-person contact as possible.  We hope to provide you the safest, most effective option, while providing you the best possible service. Thank you for your cooperation during this time.

Contact Information
Merced Office
(209) 385-7431
Merced Fax
(209) 725-3536
Los Banos Office
(209) 827-2030
Los Banos Fax
(209) 827-2033
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Assisting With Response to COVID-19

The Merced County Department of Agriculture has always worked to protect our essential food supply, and the people that produce it. We routinely inspect for invasive and harmful agricultural pest, enforce plant protection quarantines, and perform inspections on pesticide applications for environmental and employee safety requirements. Recently, our office has been actively working with the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, and the California Office of Emergency Services in the distribution of personal protective equipment in response to COVID-19 to those working in the Ag industry.  The Ag industry includes farm labor contractors, growers, processors, dairies, pest control businesses, dealers, and other Ag supporting entities. The personal protective equipment distributed to the Ag industry includes; surgical masks, N95 masks, cloth face coverings, hand sanitizer, and vinyl gloves. Since May 2020, we have received 12 shipments of personal protective equipment. Working with the cooperation of industry partners, such as, the Merced Farm Bureau and community based organizations, such as, the Central Valley Opportunity Center, we have assisted with the distribution of 12,000 units of hand sanitizer, 40,000 units of vinyl gloves, and 111,000 cloth face coverings.

Since May 13, 2020, we have also distributed:

2,500 cloth face coverings to:

  • 4 migrant worker camps

345,250 surgical masks to:

  • 198 growers
  • 22 dairy facilities
  • 21 farm labor contractors
  • 14 processors
  • 6 pest control businesses
  • 6 other ag entities

89,780 N95 masks to:

  • 333 growers
  • 22 pest control businesses
  • 18 farm labor contractors
  • 14 processors
  • 11 other ag entities
  • 9 dairy facilities
  • 2 community based organizations

Under California Department of Food and Agriculture and California Office of Emergency Services instruction concerning the distribution of state supplied personal protective equipment, California Agricultural Commissioner’s Office throughout the state are required to record information, such as, but not limited to; recipient’s name, contact information, permit number, business license, and distribution date. Our office evaluates each request for compliance with the guidance that has been issued; any requester that does not meet the requirements will be notified. This information is being tracked for both state and federal auditing purposes to prevent misappropriations of supplied personal protection equipment.

Our office actively continues to distribute personal protective equipment to the Ag industry who meet the guidance issued by the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the California Office of Emergency Services. You may make a request for N95 masks that are available to pesticide applicators and employees who may be exposed to heavy dust. Click the following link to submit a request.

If you are a part of the Ag industry and are experiencing a shortage of personal protective equipment for your employees, or have questions concerning the distribution of personal protective equipment, please call our office at (209) 385-7431.

PAC Exam Information

PAC exams will only be offered on Fridays from 9-11 AM by appointment only, until further notice.  Please call our Merced office to schedule an appointment.  Our Los Banos office will no longer offer the PAC exam, until further notice.

COVID-19 Resources for Agricultural Employers & Growers

About the Agricultural Commissioner

The Agricultural Commissioner enforces the laws and regulations of the California Food and Agriculture Code and the California Code of Regulations while serving at the discretion of the County Board of Supervisors and CDFA Secretary of Agriculture. Merced County Agricultural Commissioner’s office employs a staff of thirty and has its main office in Merced with a satellite office in Los Banos.

The Agricultural Division acts under the jurisdiction and direction of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), and works in cooperation with various federal, state, regional and local agencies.

Sealer of Weights & Measures

Weights and Measures is mandated by state law to protect the interests of the buyer and seller to ensure honesty and integrity of everyday business transactions. This protection is accomplished through our continuous and systematic inspection of all equipment that weighs or measures a commodity that is sold. Every transaction involving the exchange of goods, property, and service is affected in a very vital way by some form of weights and measures.

Visit the Weight and Measures page for more information.

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