Zoning Code Compliance

About the Division

A Division of the Planning and Community Development Department
responsible for the enforcement of land use regulations and housing programs.

Types of Investigations:
  • Non-compliance with Conditions of Approval for land use permits
  • Farm Animals in residential neighborhoods
  • Continuous yard sales
  • Semi-Truck parking on private property
  • Compliance with development standards
  • Roosters being raised and kept in agricultural zones
  • Illegal businesses (no land use permits or established in the wrong zones)
  • Dogs/Cats in excess of 4 in any zone. (Coordinated with Animal Control)
  • Occupied recreational vehicles (Coordinated with Environmental Health)
Regulations and Codes

Community Contacts List

Request for Code Enforcement

The Division requires a completed Request for Code Enforcement Form
prior to initiating an investigation into any complaint.

Request for Code Enforcement Form