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Court Information

Merced County courts hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. For court information, please call (209) 725-4100.

Visitation Information

For information on visiting hours for the Main Jail and JLCC check out the Jail Visiting Schedule. For information on visitation access, view Policy 10.01 Visitation Access to Inmates.

John Latorraca Correctional Center

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Main Jail

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What Programs the Jails Provide

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Jail Programs

Program Details
Behavior Intervention
12 Step Program, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Anger Management, Parenting, Life Skills, Job Placement
General Education Development
Inmates are able to obtain their General Education Development and are able to challenge the G.E.D. test at any time.
Celebrate Recovery
Inmates are able to enroll in Celebrate Recovery through the Chaplin Services.

How to Progress Through the Re-Entry Program

Elements Completion Requirements
Phase 1 - Orientation, Behavior Change Plan, Weekly Groups, Assessments, 30 minute Weekly Sessions
Completion of all orientation elements and Step 3 of MRT
Phase 2 - 30 minute Weekly Individual Sessions, Weekly Groups (MRT, Anger Management, etc.)
Progress on Behavior Change Plan, Completion of Step 3 of MRT and Sobriety no less than 60 days.
Phase 3 - 30 minute Weekly Individual Sessions, Weekly Groups (MRT, Anger Management, etc.), Release Plan and Transition Plan in place
Completion of Behavior Change Plan goals, Completion of Step 12 of MRT, Release Plan and Transition Plan in place, Sobriety no less than 90 days.