Civil Division

Civil Division Building


670 W. 22nd Street Room #15
Merced, CA 95340
Phone: 209-385-7639
Fax: 209-725-3516  


The Sheriff receives, serves, and executes all civil processes and orders that are accepted for service, in the manner prescribed by California Law.

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Service and Fees

The following services and fees were established by the Code of Civil Procedures.

Service Fee
Earnings Withholding Order $35
Summons and Complaint (Unlawful Detainer) $40
Bank Levy $40
Civil Subpoena $40
Small Claims $40
Eviction Reposting $40
Notice of Motion $35
Order of Examination $40
Request for Order $40
Summons and Petition $40
Civil Bench Warrant $50/$140
Till Tap $100
Eviction (Writ of possession unlawful detainer) $145
Keeper Levy - eight hours $240
Vehicle Levy - auto $1300
Vehicle Levy - large truck $2000
Real Property levy Call for fees
Civil Standby (New Policy Changes) $53
Notary (separate check)  $10
Out of State Papers $40