CCW Training Information

USA CarryDear Applicant: Thank you for your interest in applying for a State of California License to Carry Concealed Weapon. Attached is an application packet that must be completed and returned with requested documents to the Merced County Sheriff’s Office. Applications are also available on-line at, Merced County Sheriff website (click on C.C.W.). Granting of a CCW is the sole discretion of Sheriff Vernon H. Warnke.


1. Complete the application pursuant to the instructions therein. Twenty percent of the application fee ($10.00) will be collected upon filing of the initial application. The balance of the fee ($40.00) will be collected only upon issuance of your CCW permit. Please call Josette Torres, CCW Coordinator for an appointment (209) 385-7451. Please note: CLASS & QUALIFICATION is not necessary prior to Sheriff’s approval.

2. A background check is conducted on each applicant and the Sheriff shall review the application and supporting documents and may approve or deny application request.

3. Applicant will be notified upon approval or denial. California law dictates that notice be made to an applicant within 90 days of the application or within 30 days after receipt of the DOJ criminal background check, whichever is later.

4. The Live Scan will be conducted upon submittal of application and payment of fees, or as soon thereafter as possible. Live scan fees are $113.00 and payable to the Merced County Sheriff’s Office by cash or check.

5. Upon processing and clearance of live scan by the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you will be notified to call and schedule a final appointment for issuance of a License to Carry Concealed Weapon Permit.

  • A firearm’s class approved by the Sheriff must be taken prior to issuance of a CCW permit and applicant must qualify with the gun(s) listed on your payment.
  • Applicant must agree to abide by specific restrictions and conditions as outlined by the Sheriff.

6. Renewals: Licenses are issued for a two year period. A firearm’s class approved by the Sheriff must be taken prior to renewal of your CCW License. Licenses are renewed by appointment only. Please allow a few weeks to take the class, qualify and make an appointment prior to the expiration date on your license.

7. In accordance with California Government Code section 6250, as cited in CBS v. Block (1986) Cal.3d 646, information that you provide on your license application (including Section 7 Investigator’s Interview Notes) and on the License to Carry Concealed Weapon is public information and must be disclosed to the public if requested. My intent for advising you of this fact, is to make you aware that the Merced County Sheriff’s Office does not have the authority to withhold this information from members of the news media.