K-9 Rally

Rally PhotoK-9 Rally is an eight year old black Labrador and has been with the Merced County Sheriff Office since March 2010. K-9 Rally started as a Deputy with her first handler Sgt. Brankel Nobari. Deputy Raul Garcia became K-9 Rally’s new handler in October 2016.

K-9 Rally and Deputy Raul Garcia are currently assigned to day shift out of the Merced office.  K-9 Rally loves to interact with the community and is often seen at schools doing demonstrations for children and adults.

K-9 Rally is certified in detection the odors of narcotics. K-9 Rally has to be certified each year in detecting the odor of narcotics by the California Narcotic Canine Association. These odors of narcotics are as followed; Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine and Marijuana. The certification process includes numerous searches of narcotics recognition of physical and mental reaction of the canine, and interpretations of reactions displayed. Since K-9 Rally initial certification she has had hundreds of hours of training in the odor of narcotics. K-9 Rally alerts after detecting the odor of narcotics in which she has been trained, K-9 Rally alert consists of physical and mental reactions, which include a heightened emotional state and sitting down.

K-9 Rally and Deputy Raul Garcia have been involved in training exercises where known controlled substance or paraphernalia were hidden and K-9 Rally alerted on the narcotic because of the absorption of the odor. During the training exercises various distractions are used to insure that K-9 Rally is alerting on only the controlled substance odors.