K-9 Ranger


Meet Deputy Kirk Lanford and K-9 Ranger. K-9 Ranger is a Brindle Dutch Sheppard who specializes in Apprehension of criminals and narcotics detection.  Deputy Lanford and K-9 Ranger became partners on May 23, 2016 when Ranger arrived at the Merced County Sheriff’s Offic for the first time.  K-9 Ranger is 4-years-old and certified by the California Narcotics Canine Association for working patrol and detecting narcotics.  Ranger has also been certified in deployment with the SWAT Team.  Deputy Lanford and K-9 Ranger have been members of the SWAT team since 2016.

K-9 Ranger loves to play fetch on his off time and likes to cuddle with Deputy Lanford on the couch (even when mom tells him to stay off the furniture).