Medical Cannabis Delivery

Delivery of Medical Cannabis is allowed in unincorporated Merced County by individuals operating under a M10 (Medical Retail) license issued by the Statue Bureau of Cannabis Control and a business license issued by the County of Merced.

The State Bureau of Cannabis Control has published information related to retail licensing available at

Individuals who wish to deliver medical cannabis products must have an approved M10 license from the Bureau of Cannabis Control prior to obtaining a business license issued by the County. Applications for business licenses will not be accepted without proof of a valid license submitted at the time of application.

Business license applications must also include the following information for all individuals making deliveries within the County's jurisdiction:

  • Name
  • Driver's License Information
  • Date of Birth

Medical Cannabis Delivery Licensing Process

Applicant Applies for M10 (Medical Retailer) License with State Bureau of Cannabis Control. This lic


Call the Community and Economic Development Office at: (209) 385-7654