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End Of Watch:November 29, 1914

Deputy WardenRodolph of the Fresno division was shot and killed on Nov 29, 1914, fivemiles east of Los Banos. According to Earl Farnsworth, Deputy Rodolph stopped him[Earl Farnsworth] and Len Sischo on their way back to town from a day of duckhunting. Rodolph wished to count their ducks, after having examined theirhunting licenses. Farnsworth told him there would be no counting of the ducks;that there was no need of it as they had only 25 or 30 birds. Sischo testifiedat the coroner's inquest that Rodolph hit Farnsworth on the legs to dislodgehis feet from over the ducks, then pulled Farnsworth from the cart where helanded on the ground, as Farnsworth rose from the ground Rodolph shot him,Rodolph then turned the gun on Sischo and while Rodolph had his back toFarnsworth, and his gun pointed at Sischo, Farnsworth shot Rodolph twice in theback. Farnsworth and Sischo then returned to Los Banos where they met Dr. R.Moretti, and the authorities were notified.

George JacksonRodolph was born May 21, 1891 in San Francisco. He was the second son of ErwinG. Rodolph and Lillian F. Jackson. He received his education in the Bay area. The San Francisco CityDirectory for 1912 list his occupation as Inspector, [note] : his father ErwinG. Rodolph was the superintendent of the Miller and Lux slaughter houses in"Butcher town," South San Francisco.

Rodolph wasappointed Deputy Game Warden Oct 1, 1914, by District Commissioner Ferguson ofthe Fresno district. Rodolph was not a local, but was sent especially byDistrict Commissioner Ferguson to make an effort to put a stop to persistentviolations of the game laws by Los Banos market hunters.

His body was shipped to N. Gray & Company Funeral Directors,San Francisco. His final resting place is unknown.

His upcomingmarriage to Miss Baldwin was announced two days prior to his death.