Concealed Weapons Permits

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CCW Instructions:

1.  Prior to applying for a CCW permit with the Merced County Sheriff's Office, you can first apply for the CCW permit with the police department of your city. If the police department denies your application, you must obtain the reason for the denial in writing (per California Penal Code Section 26202) and submit that denial statement with any subsequent application to the Merced County Sheriff's Office.

2.  Print out a Carry Concealed Weapons Permit application. Please complete the form prior to making an appointment.

3.  Fill out entire application, including sections 6, 7 and 8 regardless of what the application states, every section must be filled out completely before the applicants CCW appointment.

4.  If the applicant lives in a city that employs at Police Department, the applicant will need to request any records or citations under the applicants name at that agency. If there is nothing on file for the applicant at that agency then request a letter stating there is nothing on file for the applicant. Once the applicant receives the paperwork from the Police Department, add the paperwork into application. Merced city applicants…the Merced Police Department will forward this information to me directly, all the applicant will need to do is go in and request the reports. If the applicant lives in the county which does not employ a police department the applicant may skip the step mentioned above.

5.  Call Josette Torres at 385-7451 to set up an appointment to turn in your CCW application and pay fees.

6.  The fees at time of appointment to start the application process are: 

  • $10 to turn in the initial application (cash or check only) 
  • $110 to DOJ fingerprint (cash or tam only)

7.  DOJ clearances depend on your background. It can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks and in some cases up to a month or longer to receive clearance. Once Josette receives clearance the Sheriff will review the applicant’s application and make his final decision regarding approval or denial. If the applicant has been approved, they will receive a call from Josette informing the applicant to complete the 8-hour class and qualify from one of our approved vendors. An approved vendor list is located on our website at Merced County Sheriff’s Office under the CCW link. If the applicant is denied, the applicant will receive a letter in the mail informing them of their denial.

8.  Once the applicant’s 8-hour vendor approved class and qualify is completed call Josette to  notify her, at that point Josette will schedule an appointment for the applicant to come in, pay the remaining permit fee of $40 (cash or check) and complete the process of receiving the applicants CCW. Permits are valid for two years from the date of issue.


1.  A 4-hour renewal class and qualify, from an approved vendor, should be taken by permit holder roughly one month to a month and half prior to permit expiration. Once class and qualify are completed call Josette to schedule a renewal appointment. Please do not call until your class and qualify is complete. All that is needed for the renewal appointment will be a copy of the 4-hour renewal class & qualify permit holders old permit and renewal fees. You do not need to submit another application.

2.  The renewal fees are:

  • Check for $52 payable to DOJ (check only)
  • Cash or check to Sheriff’s Office for $25

Please note:  All permit modifications are now only at time of renewal