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Occupational Information

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Occupational Information, Industrial Information, and State Information.


Find occupations base on a Self-Assessment, Interest Profiler, or Work Importance Profiler, view occupations by industry sector, search for an occupation by keyword, or take a Reality Check - Find out what occupations support your life style.

California Occupational Guides

California Occupational Guides are a collection of about 300 information sheets covering individual occupation or groups of related occupations. Job duties, working conditions, employment outlook, wages and benefits, entrance requirements are provided.

Career Opportunity Reports

Developed to aid students and career professionals in the exploration of career opportunities in five industries: Health Services; Arts, Media, and Entertainment; Hospitality; Tourism and Recreation; Information Technology; and Manufacturing.

Career Voyages

Discover occupations by industry or emerging industries. Info on the industries and the occupations in them. Career videos also.

Find Industries that employ an Occupation

California industrial and occupational staffing patterns: What occupations are employed in an industry, or what industry employs a particular occupation. Job seekers or training providers may use these lists for contacting appropriate employes for job openings. Employers or economic developers may use these lists to determine the kinds of jobs they need in a company or business.

Find Occupations that use similar skills

Enter your current/previous occupation and find occupations that use similar skills.

Find Occupations by Skills

Create a list of skills you have or plan to acquire, then find occupations that match most of your skills.

License Information for an Occupation

Find out what occupations require a license by state or federal agency.

Occupation Explorer

Find occupational information by entering an occupational title.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Hundreds of different types of job info. Includes info on training and educational needs, wages, expected job prospects (projections), what workers do on the job, working conditions, and more. Provided by the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Select Careers

Job descriptions, wages and benefits, education and training, skills, abilities, knowledge, job outlook, supply and demand, and career opportunities for a select group of occupations both at the state level and count level. Great info but few occupations to view.


Getting job ready, descriptions of many entry level jobs, how to find a job, and Tips for Success.



O*Net Online

Find occupations using keywords, or O*NET-SOC codes, or by browsing families, high growth industries, STEM disciplines, or O*NET descriptors. Jobs in demand ... quick and easy view of demand jobs in the US.

Labor Market Information Web Sites across the Nation

Links to other states labor market information web sites.


Industry Information

Agricultural Employment

Data files that contain employment and average hourly earnings for California and six regional areas, by month.

California Regional Economies Employment Series

This series is sponsored by the California Workforce Investment Board in cooperation with the California Economic Strategy Panel. It provides non-confidential annual average employment, number of establishments, and wage data for each county in the state for the period 1990 to 2004.

Industry Employment

Estimates of monthly and annual average industrial employment data for the state and counties.

Labor Force Data Search Tool

Labor force, employment, unemployment, and unemployment rate for California, it’s counties, Local Workforce Investment Areas, Metro Statistical Area, and sub-county places from 1976 to current.

Hours and Earnings for Manufacturing Industries

Available in three series - average weekly earnings, average hourly earnings, and average number of weekly hours for production or nonsupervisory employees. The geographical areas are California and Metropolitan Statistical Areas from 2001 to current.

Major Employers by County

Lists of major employers for California and it’s counties.

Projections of Employment by Industry and Occupation

Short-term (2005-2007) and long-term projection (2004-2014) of employment for California and long-term projection (2002-2012 or 2004-2014) for counties.

Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

Number of establishments, average monthly employment, total quarterly payroll, average weekly pay for California and it’s counties. Quarterly information from 2001 to 2006 and annual information from 1990 to 2000. These data are not official estimates from EDD.

Quarterly Workforce Indicators

Total employment, net job flows, job creation, new hire, separation, turnover, average monthly earnings, average new hire earnings by gender, age, or industry for county and Workforce Investment Area levels. Information on a quarterly basis from 2001 to 2004.

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