Merced County California

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Sheriff's Department
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            Thomas I. Cavallero







Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide responsive, professional, and caring law enforcement services to all the people of Merced County. We will:

  • Respond to calls for service promptly
  • Protect lives and property to the very best of our abilities
  • Initiate and maintain crime prevention programs
  • Apprehend criminal offenders

We will maintain correctional facilities and operate correctional programs in the most efficient and effective manner possible. We will be diligent in our role as Coroners to protect the rights and dignity of those who can no longer speak for themselves.

As Merced County Sheriff / Coroner employees, we will always conform to the high standards expected by the public, by being fair, compassionate, unbiased, and in conformance with the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

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Merced County 2222 M Street Merced, CA 9543 Ph. (209) 385-7434 Toll Free (800) 226-6452