Merced County California

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Specific Urban Development Plan (SUDP) & Community Maps
General Plan and Zoning Maps

Please note: Maps are updated approximately every four months.

Side by Side viewing
To view the Zoning and General Plan maps side by side in Adobe (reader or pro) go to view on the tool bar and navigate to page display and select “Two-Up Continuous”. Or go to "Edit" on the tool bar and select preferences (ctrl + k) under Default and Zoom next to "Page Layout" from the drop down select “Two-Up Continuous” and select the ok tab.

To print side by side
Go to File on the tool bar select print or select the printer icon.

In the printer properties under "Page Handling"

1. Go to Page Scaling and from the drop down select "Multiple pages per sheet"
2. Next to "Pages per sheet" from the drop down select "two"
3. Next to "Page Order" from the drop down select "Vertical"
4. Check boxes "Print page border" and "Auto-Rotate Pages"
5. Page size to print is 11" x 17" (Tabloid)
6. Orientation should be set to "Portrait"

Rural Residential Center (RRC)

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