Merced County California

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Board Members
Board Of Supervisors Group Picture
District 1Supervisor Rodrigo Espinoza

Rodrigo Espinoza
Supervisor, District 1
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Represents: Celeste-Tuttle, City of Livingston, City of Merced, El Nido, Le Grand, and Planada
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District 2Supervisor Lee Lor

Lee Lor
Supervisor, District 2
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Represents: City of Merced
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District 3Supervisor Daron McDaniel

Daron McDaniel
Supervisor, District 3
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Represents: Atwater, North Merced, Franklin-Beachwood, McSwain
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Mc Swain Municipal Advisory Council

District 4Supervisor Lloyd Pareira

Lloyd Pareira
Supervisor, District 4
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Represents: Ballico, City of Gustine, Cressey, Delhi, Eastern County (portions outside of LeGrand and Planada), Hilmar, Snelling, Stevinson, Winton, and portions of Atwater
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District 5 Jerry O'Banion
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Jerry O'Banion
Supervisor, District 5
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Represents: City of Dos Palos, City of Los Banos, Dos Palos Y, Midway, Santa Nella, South Dos Palos, and Volta
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Board History
According to records, Merced County was incorporated in 1855 and formed as a General Law County. The County seat was created April 19, 1855. The first supervisors were appointed and the first meeting was held in 1855. View the Board Member History for a list of all Merced County Supervisors from 1855 to present. This information is derived from Minute Records.

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