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Friday Nite Fun
Friday Nite Fun (FNF) meets every other Friday night at the Main Street Youth Center, located at 1577 W. Main St. in Merced (View Calendar). FNF engages older foster youth in activities developing leadership skills and building a sense of belonging, empowerment, self-esteem, competence, and decision-making skills.

For more information, contact HSA at (209) 385-3000.

FNF activities are scheduled for the second and fourth Friday of each month and include a combination of social and educational activities, information and referral services, and mentoring. Planned events include trips to the theater, tours of Merced government offices, and trips to Sacramento, Monterey, and San Francisco.

Last year, FNF transformed the lives of 12 youth. Five older youth committed to planning and organizing the FNF events. Although this program is in its infancy, the ultimate goal is to touch the lives of current and former foster youth through strong adult relationships and pointing youth toward leadership, citizenship, and services.

Merced County Human Services Agency (HSA) designed the FNF Program to address the lack of supportive resources available for younger adolescents from 13 years of and, including Independent Living Program-eligible youth.
The driving goal of this two-tiered youth leadership program is to develop secure relationships between adolescent foster children and a stable, caring, supportive adult.

Tier One
Tier One is geared toward younger adolescent foster youth ages 13-16 years old and provides the youth with opportunities to build trusting relationships by pairing the youth with adult volunteers. The adults must pass an extensive screening process and be willing to commit to one year of service. The adults meet with their assigned youth a minimum of 10 times per year, serving as a mentor and providing on-going support for the youth.

Tier Two
Tier Two engages current and former foster youth ages 16-25 in opportunities that increase their potential for becoming successful adults and leaders in their community. Adult mentors work with youth and young adults as they learn to coordinate and facilitate the management of Tier One activities and FNF.

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