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Child Welfare Services

Emergency Response
Emergency Response (ER) is the first area of CWS to become involved with a family. ER investigates referrals received by the agency. Depending upon the ER social worker's findings, you may become involved with other social workers. The social worker may offer mandatory or voluntary services or no services at all. In order to protect the safety of children, some children may need to be detained.

Family Reunification
When children are detained, a Family Reunification social worker provides services to the family so they can reunite. At the same time, CWS must prepare an alternate plan in case the children are not able to return home.

Permanency Planning
Permanency Planning social workers search for a permanent home for children that cannot be returned to their parents. Adoption, guardianship, and long-term foster care are all options for permanency.

Family Maintenance
Family Maintenance services can be offered when the children remain in the home. Family Maintenance is designed to overcome any challenges that the family is facing which could lead to an unsafe environment for the children in the home.

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