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Bad Checks
As your District Attorney, I have grown increasingly concerned about the impact created by bad checks on local businesses. Bad checks affect everyone in terms of higher consumer costs that must be paid to offset losses, as well as the costs involved in law enforcement and prosecution.

The Bad Check Program has been organized with one important goal in mind: to increase the accountability of those who pass bad checks without increasing any administrative or financial burden to the criminal justice system.

This will be accomplished through a unique, cooperative effort that combines private and public sector resources to educate businesses in preventative check acceptance measures, and requires bad check offenders to complete a special eight-hour intervention class in addition to paying restitution.

This section has been designed to help businesses more fully understand this important Program, and how it will serve as a vital resource in the fight against bad checks.

I am confident that your active participation in the Merced County Bad Check Program will help your business improve its bottom line, and look forward to working together to find additional solutions to this serious problem.

Larry D. Morse II, District Attorney

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