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Medical Assistance Program
MAP provides coverage for health care services for medically indigent adults (MIA).

In general, MAP eligibles include all persons ages 21 through 64 who are not categorically linked to Medi-Cal by being pregnant, blind, aged, or disabled or recipients of TANF (formerly known as AFDC). Persons in long-term care facilities are not eligible. Applicants must also be Merced County residents.

Eligibility guidelines are similar to Medi-Cal are used for income and resource determination (subject to change). The period of eligibility is normally 30-180 days. Referrals and Treatment Authorization Requests (TARs) are used to assure access and authorization for care.

Mercy Medical Center Merced
Applicants must have a current medical need and have no other health coverage. In order to provide medically-necessary services in the most cost-efficient manner, the County has contracted with Mercy Medical Center Merced (MMCM). All services available at MMCM must be performed at MMCM.

Creation of the Program
In January 1983, a change in State law transferred the responsibility of providing coverage for health care services provided to MIA from Medi-Cal to the county of the resident.

Legislation, known as Health Care Realignment and enacted in the Fiscal Year 1991-1992, changed the funding sources for locally-administered health care programs. Counties now receive sales tax and vehicle license fees as a dedicated source for funding health care programs.

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