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Emergency Medical Services Fund (a.k.a. Maddy)

About the Program
This mandated program, also referred to as the SB12 Program, is funded by revenue generated from court fines. Funds are intended to reimburse providers for costs associated with care provided to uninsured patients. Reports are sent annually to the State legislature. For more information, contact Indigent Health Care staff.

25% Hospital Services
Hospitals contract with the County for the provision of emergency care to the homeless, uninsured, or undocumented. Hospitals receive 25% of the medical services portion. This is split 50/50 between the County Hospital and qualifying non-county hospitals.

Hospitals are not required to submit claims. The non-county hospital reimbursement is based on the distribution of physician claims by facility.

58% Physicians Services
Paid to compensate physicians who care for patients who have no insurance coverage or are otherwise unable to pay for the emergency room visit.

The current rate schedule uses all funds available after court fines are posted and is prorated to pay all claims approved and submitted during the month (up to 50% of the documented bad debt losses), using the MediCal fee schedule. For amounts, view the Maddy Fund Payments to Physicians.

17% EMS
17% of the funds support the County EMS Agency that provides oversight of emergency services, such as licensing for EMTs, monitoring ambulance and air transportation services, and expenses related to the maintenance of quality emergency response systems.

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