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Lawn Mower Racing
Do you have an old riding lawn mower just sitting out in a field or behind the house collecting rust? Turn it into a racing lawn mower! The west coast division of the United State Lawn Mower Racing Association, (USLMRA) will be racing at the Merced County Spring Fair on Thursday night May 3rd in Los Banos. Tickets are just $6 – it’s cheaper than going to a movie and a LOT more fun!

Come watch or participate in the West Coast’s newest most affordable form of racing.

Lawn mower racing began nearly 50 years ago and is making its way west and growing with popularity. It is family fun with affordability. This “Grass Roots” form of racing started in 1963 on grassy, gopher filled fields in the Mid West were top speeds were 8 to 10 miler per hour. In 2012, races are being held on 1/5 mile race prepared banked clay oval tracks were speeds are approaching 65 plus miles per hour.

Lawn mower racing is gaining popularity in California and the West Coast for a lot of reasons. It is fun, exciting, and affordable. It covers age ranges from teens to seniors and both men and women. Mowers can be built or modified from as little as few hundred dollars, or custom built for a much as several thousand dollars. Classes range from stock engines and frames with speeds in the low 20 mph range all the way to highly modified engines and frames with speeds over 60 miles per hour!

Local county and state fairs as well as farm and garden expos are holding various lawn mower races and demonstrations throughout the year. There are even several established locations within the state where racers hold monthly practice, play days, and races. A racing lawn mower can be built relatively quickly for very little money. If you have running riding lawn mower, you are half way to having a racing mower. Safety, of course, is the first priority for USLMRA. Such things as stock brakes and steering are not allowed, and helmets, neck rolls, and proper clothing are mandatory.

Any body interested in building a race mower to compete with during the fair are encouraged to visit two (2) web sites before participating. For the rulebook, guidelines and general knowledge, please visit; For chat forums, pictures, and technical information on exactly how to build a racing mower, please visit; Videos can also be seen on Any persons interested in seeing a racing mower up close and speaking with local racers should contact Bob Newman at 209-481-1150 or Dan Borba at 209-678-0934.

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