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Founded in 1982, Birds N Beasts Inc. is a Nevada based company, which operates a variety of wildlife shows including the ever-popular Birdman® Bird Show, the most advanced free flight bird show production company in the nation, and the largest trained animal supplier in Nevada. We currently maintain over 1,000 birds for a wide variety of high profile clients located all over the world. Our first-class animal presentations feature a wide variety of species from birds to reptiles to mammals, many of which have performed at Zoos, Parks, Fairs, and Festivals all over the country. Owner and Head Trainer, Joe Krathwohl, has personally performed with the birds from Long Island, NY to San Diego, CA and from Minot, ND to Hidalgo, TX, and even to Cairo, Egypt.. Known as simply The Birdman®, Joe has also appeared on hundreds of local, network, and international television shows including his numerous visits to the Late Show with David Letterman and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. These experiences with training animals in ever-changing locations gives Joe the ability to prepare animals to perform in many varied routines and in various environments, to foresee production challenges, plan for audience enjoyments and safety concerns, and coordinate on and off stage choreography and all other issues pertaining to wildlife show creation. In every Birds n Beasts project, the animals' safety and comfort come first.

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