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For information on any of the following activities, please call (209) 381-6865.


Meeting Times


Consumer Advisory Committee Mondays at 11:00 am A group of consumers working together to decrease stigma associated with mental illness and assisting all consumers in reaching their full potential. New members welcome!
Community Meeting Mondays at 10:00 am This meeting is held on a weekly basis for staff, clients, and all members of the Wellness Center to discuss what will be going on for the week, make suggestions, give feedback, and share stories of recovery and progress.
Feelings Group Mondays at 1:30 pm This group uses a cognitive behavioral approach in working with clients to not only identify their current feeling state, but also look at ways to cope with these feelings as they arise. The group examines the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and works to empower people to learn more about themselves and their reactions.
WRAP Group Tuesday at 10:30 am Woman's group, Wellness and Recovery Action Plan. The group works to identify and create plans to assist people in recognizing their own symptoms and having a plan in place to assist them when these symptoms arise. Supports women in sharing their stories, knowledge, and skills in creating and implementing their plans.
SEA Group Wednesday at 9:15 am Southeast Asian women's group that meets on a weekly basis. Attend activities in the community, utilize peer support, and focus on the building of coping strategies.
Meditation Group Tuesday at 1:30 pm Peer-run support group that allows people the chance to learn skills in becoming a peer support consumer at the Wellness Center. People must sign up for this class in advance.
Peer Support Class Wednesday at
11:30 am
Eight-week class that allows people the chance to learn skills in becoming a peer support consumer at the Wellness Center. People must sign up for the class in advance.
Mind and Body Group Thursday at 10:00 am This group focuses on the powerful connection between the mind and the body and how to use the knowledge of this connection to better our everyday lives and become more in tune with ourselves.
Dual Diagnosis Group Thursday at 1:30 pm This group focuses on the stages of recovery, examines mental illness and substance abuse illness, ways to cope, and offers peer support.
Job Club Every other Thursday at 11:00 am This class is run by the Vocational Rehab Counselor and looks at all the various issues that go along with finding a job, including, but not limited to, resumes, dressing for an interview, ways to deal with interview stress / anxiety, communication skills, volunteer work, etc.
Asuntos de Familia Jueves de 9:30 am - 10:30 am Este es un grupo completamente en español donde se discutiran todos los temas que usted quiera presentar, relacionados con usted y su familia. Usted tendra la oportunidad de ser escuchado y recibir apoyo de los miembros del grupo. Ademas de los temas serios tendremos socialización y mucha diversión.

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