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Consumer Rights

Your Rights
Consumers of Merced County's Mental Health Plan are entitled to:

  • Respectful and professional treatment by agency, clinic, and hospital staff members
  • Services provided in a safe environment
  • Informed consent to treatment, prescribed medications, and education on potential medication side effects
  • Participate in planning their treatment and receive a copy of the treatment plan
  • Consideration of concerns about treatment
  • Confidential care and record keeping
  • Request a change of provider
  • Request a second opinion
  • Request a change in level of care
  • Register a complaint and/or file a grievance regarding services
  • Request access to their medical records
  • Delegate a person to act in their behalf during the complaint, grievance, or State Fair Hearing process
  • Request a State Fair Hearing
  • Request and complete an Advance Directive

Plan of Care
The treatment will involve each consumer in establishing their treatment goals and planning their care. This treatment planning tool is called the Client Plan of Care. Your signature will demonstrate that you have participated in this plan.

Change of Provider
Consumers may request a second opinion regarding their care. They may also request a change of psychiatrist, clinician, or service provider.

Mental Health staff, contracted agencies, and providers follow legal procedures to honor the confidentiality of records. They are required to disclose confidential information if any of the following conditions exits:
  • You are a danger to yourself or others
  • You are a victim of child abuse or you are reporting abuse involving another child
  • Verbal, physical, or other intimidating expressions made to pose a threat or harm to another person

Patient Rights Advocate
View the advocacy website.  If you have questions about what information can be released without your consent, please contact the Mental Health Compliance Officer at (209 381-6800 or toll free at (888) 334-0163.

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