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Artist in the Office
The District Attorney's Office supports local artists. Every six months a new artist will display their photographs and/or art work in our front lobby.

If you come into our office right now, you will see the exhibit of Cheri Ann Carlson Ewing.

Cheri Ann

Cheri Ann.jpgLocal artist, Cheri Ann is dedicated to celebrating the beauty and wonder of life in her portraits of humans and animals, and in her landscapes, which generally feature local agriculture or our beloved Yosemite National Park

Cheri Ann has participated in art shows and galleries in nearby foothill communities, as well as in Merced. Some of her work has found homes in Europe, Asia, and Mexico, as well as private collections in the Midwestern and Southwestern U.S.

Drawing since her hands could grasp a pencil, Cheri credits her family's tolerance and encouragement for her privilege to develop this talent at an early age. Numerous dear friends and teachers, throughout the years, have enriched her understanding and appreciation for art. Cheri Ann is blessed and honored to be part of such a vibrant and supportive local art community. 

More of this artist's work can be viewed at her gallery on Facebook at Cheri Ann and Cheri can be reached at

Bob Smith
Bob Smith's Picture
Known to many as a college instructor in the history of Tai ji chuan, or his soccer classes. Bob Smith has been quietly developing his artistic talent. His gift for combining conventional art supplies with other- sometimes recycled- materials,  has blossomed into a definitive style, with the glass mosaic over acrylic pieces he currently creates.

Vibrancy and vitality expressed through dance, music, and sports, are the underlying theme of Bob's works, richly depicting humanity in vivid colors. 

Artists Bob Smith and Cheri Ann met when she had taken a college class under his instruction, years ago. Sharing mutual interests in the arts, they stayed in contact, encouraging each other's progress over the years. Both working in a group of local artists who met informally, they eventually began collaborating on pieces, with Cheri Ann doing the under painting for some of Bob's mosaics. 

Pieces they have collaborated on are featured here and more of Bob's work can be seen at Trevino's restaurant, here in Merced, or Reece's Rignal's in Atwater.

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