Merced County California

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Equity: Recognizing disparities and having a purposeful commitment to improve social conditions.

Innovation: Creative, data-driven solutions that make a difference.

Integrity: Honest, respectful, and non-judgmental with high ethical standards.

Leadership: Trusted key partner, creating change through inclusive collaboration.

Quality: Promoting, expecting, and maintaining excellence through an expert workforce.

Responsiveness: Agile and able to adapt to community needs.

Service: Committed to beneficial system change, education, advocacy, and prudent regulation.

Stewardship: Responsible and transparent management of resources.
Our Vision: Merced County, a healthy place for all.

Our Mission: To promote, protect, and preserve healthy living and safe environments.

Community Health Assessment.jpg                                           Community Health Improvement Plan
Community Health Assessment                Community Health Improvement Plan

Strategic-Plan.jpg                                    HIE Plan (2).jpg 
              Strategic Plan                                                           Merced Community Health
                                                                                                         Information Exchange Plan   

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