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1000 Books before Kindergarten
1000 Books before Kindergarten, a program of the Merced County Library, invites families to boost the brain power of their babies and young children by reading them 1000 books before they enter Kindergarten.  Reading books to children is a fun way to spend time together, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents read aloud to their children daily.  The challenge of reading 1000 books before Kindergarten can be met in many ways, such as reading just one book a day for about three years or three books a day for less than one year.  The 1000 Books before Kindergarten program offers families in Merced County developmentally appropriate literature for young children and reading activities such as “Story Time.”  It also helps families document their progress towards reading 1000 books and celebrates the milestones they reach along the way.

The goals of the program reflect the benefits of reading aloud to babies and young children. Research demonstrates a strong connection between listening to books and a child’s learning potential, specifically 1) increased stimulation for brain development, 2) the acquisition of key language and literacy skills, and 3) greater academic success in school.  Reading together also strengthens the parent-child bond at a period of child development that influences the learning of socio-emotional skills.  Therefore the goals of the 1000 Books before Kindergarten program at the Merced County Library include increasing the brain power of young participants,nurturing the parent-child bond, and eventually improving literacy rates in the county.  The program also seeks to build a community of families engaged in reading and learning at the Merced County Library.

The Library wishes to thank the Friends of the Merced County Library for its support of the 1000 Books before Kindergarten program.  It also acknowledges that the program name and logo are used with permission from the 1000 Books Foundation; visit the Foundation at

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