Merced County California

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Pesticide Enforcement
The function of this program is to oversee, monitor and evaluate the use, records, storage and sales of pesticides as required in the California Food and Agricultural Code, the California Code of Regulations and the Business and Professions Code.

Pest Control Operators Registration Fees
Service Rates
Agricultural Aircraft Pilot (in county) – Registration $ 10.00
Agricultural Aircraft Pilot (out of county) – Registration $ 5.00
Agricultural Pest Control Operator (PCO) – Registration $ 50.00
Pest Control Advisor (in county) (PCA) – Registration $ 10.00
Pest Control Advisor (out of county) (PCA) – Registration $ 5.00
Maintenance Gardener Pest Control – Registration $ 25.00
Branch I Structural Pest Control Operator (Operators/Field Representatives) - Registration $ 25.00
Branch II & III Pest Control Operators (General) – Registration $ 10.00

Farm Labor Contractor Registration Fee
Service Rates
FLC County Registration $ 30.00

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