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Outreach and Education Subcommittee
The Outreach and Enrollment subcommittee proposes to improve collaborations among Covered California grantees and interested partners to maximize outreach and education results and increase health care coverage enrollment in Merced County.

Meeting Materials

August 29, 2013          Agenda PDF       Minutes PDF         
September 13, 2013  Agenda PDF       Minutes PDF        Additional Material(s):  PDF#1
October 11, 2013          Agenda PDF       Minutes PDF        Additional Material(s):  PPT#1 
November 8, 2013     Agenda PDF       Minutes PDF        Additional Material(s):  Asegurate/Get Covered Partner Toolkit
January 10, 2014        Agenda PDF       Minutes PDF        Additional Material(s): 
Immigration and faith based communities activity summary; Cover Your Congregation Letter to Pastors; Alliance List of Certified Enrollment Counselors – Merced County; Covering Your Community Toolkit.; Letter to City Mayors.

February 21, 2014      Agenda  PDF     Minutes PDF
Health Advice line Postcard-Final; Health Advice line Postcard (Spanish); Healthcare Resource Guide Hope - Final September 18 ; DACA - TCE Webinar; DACA - TCE Webinar Q&A; NILC CA Immigrants and ACA; Report-ACA and California Immigrants; ACA Merced Mar. 8th; ACA Merced Flyer (Spanish)

April 10, 2014            Agenda PDF    Minutes PDF                Additional Material(s):    O&E Meeting Schedule; UCB Enrollment Policy BriefMerced County Certified Enrollment Entities 

Outreach and Education Resources:

Certified Enrollment Counselors in Merced County
Certified Enrollment Counselors in Merced County

All In Health Care For All Families

Covering Your City/County Tools
Letter to City Mayors
Covering Your Community Toolkit

Faith Based Commuinty Tools
Co-branded Letter
Newsletter and Bulletin

Young Invincibles
Young Invincibles Toolkit
Strategies to Engage Young People Webinar

California Legal Rural Assistance Tools
DACD & Obamacare Flowchart English
DACD & Obamacare Flowchart Spanish
Farm Workers & Obamacare Flowchart English
Farm Workers & Obamacare Flowchart Spainsh 
Immigrants & Obamacare Flowchart English
Immigrants & Obamacare Flowchart Spanish
Immigrants & Obamacare English
Immigrants & Obamacare Spanish
Mixed-Status Families & Obamacare Flowchard English
Mixed-Status Families & Obamacare Flowchard Spanish
Undocumented and Obamacare Flowchart English
Undocumented and Obamacare Flowchart Spanish
Wellness _Bulletin English
Wellness _Bulletin Spanish

Mixed-Program Families
Families with Medi-Cal and Covered CA Eligibility FAQ.

Covered CA and Medi-Cal Expansion Training
Covered CA and Medi-Cal Expansion PPT
Common Excuses and key messages
Where to apply and documents needed

ACA 101 Training
Public Program Eligibility
2013 Poverty Levels
Subsidy Chart

Outreach and Education Google Calendar

Support for the ACA Readiness Project is provided by The California Endowment through its Building Healthy Communities – Merced.   Funded in part by the Blue Shield of California Foundation.
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