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Concealed Weapons Permit

To print out a Carry Concealed Weapons Permit application,
click here. Please complete the form prior to making an appointment. Click here for fees and requirements pertaining to CCW's. Granting of a CCW is the sole discretion of the Sheriff. For a copy of the Merced Sheriff's Office C.C.W. Policy please click here.

CCW Instruction Courses

CCW Instruction Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

• Do you have to be a resident of Merced County to apply for a CCW permit with Merced County Sheriff’s Office? Yes

• Do you have to take a CCW safety class and qualification course prior to submitting your application? No, this a requirement after Sheriff Cavallero’s approval

• Is a CCW permit issued in Merced County valid in other states?

• If I have been live scanned previously for another purpose; do I need to be live scanned again for CCW? Yes

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