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Retirement Board

The Board is comprised of nine members and one alternate; two elected by the active general membership, one regular and one alternate elected by the active safety membership, one elected by the retired membership, four appointed by the County of Merced Board of Supervisors, and the County of Merced Treasurer, who serves as an ex-officio member. With the exception of the County Treasurer, Board members serve three-year terms, with no term limits.

The MCERA Board of Retirement is responsible for the general management of the retirement system, including making benefit determinations and managing the investment of the system's assets. The day-to-day management of MCERA is vested in an Administrator appointed by the Board.

Board Education Hours in Compliance with AB 1519

David Ness photo as Board of Supervisors 4
David Ness, Vice Chair
Appointed by the Board of Supervisors
Term Expires 06-30-2015
Michael Rhodes photo as General Members 2
Michael Rhodes, Chair
Elected by General Members
Term Expires 06-30-2015
Alfonso Perterson photo as Board of Supervisors 9
Alfonso Peterson, Secretary
Appointed by the Board of Supervisors
Term Expires 12-31-2017
Ryan Paskin photo as Board of Supervisors 6
Ryan Paskin
Appointed by the Board Of Supervisors
Term Expires 6-30-2017
Karen Adams photo as County Treasurer 1
Karen Adams
County Treasurer
Ex-officio Member
Deidre Kelsey photo as Board of Supervisors 5
Deidre Kelsey
Appointed by and Member
of the Board of Supervisors
Term Expires 6-30-2016
Ron Kinchloe photo as Retired Members 8
Ron Kinchloe, Trustee
Elected by Retired Members
Term Expires 12-31-2017
Darlene Ingersoll photo as Misc Members 3
Darlene Ingersoll
Elected by Misc Members
Term Expires 6-30-2016
Ronald Scott Johnston photo as Retired Members 8
Ronald Scott Johnston, Alternate
Elected by Retirees
Alt #8
Term Expires 12-31-2017

James Pacheco photo as Safety Members 7
James Pacheco
Elected by Safety Members
Term Expires 12-31-2017

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