Tuberculosis (TB) Control

Basic TB Facts and Information  


TB in California: 2017 Snapshot
Tuberculosis (TB) Facts - Testing for TB 
Tuberculosis (TB) Facts - Exposure to TB
California Department of Public Health
 Tuberculosis Control Branch website.
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Tuberculosis (TB) website.


Tuberculosis services are offered for all age groups.
These services are often used for school clearance, childcare, foster care, work clearance and immigration.

Testing and Reading

The Public Health Department offers Tuberculosis screening for children and adults. Chest X-rays are available by appointment at the Merced Clinic site. (Chest X-rays are not available in Los Banos).

Prevention therapy (chemoprophylaxis) is available for those with positive TB skin tests and negative chest X-rays.


The Public Health Department offers treatment for Tuberculosis infection and Tuberculosis disease.

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