Mission Statement and Vision of the Auditor-Controller

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide sound accounting control over all fiscal activities in the County; to provide sound financial planning for the County; to provide financial reporting of transactions in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards; and to furnish the best fiscal support services for the operation of the County, the public related agencies, special districts, and school districts.


  • Continue maintenance and development of existing financial systems (i.e., Payroll, Property Tax, Cost Allocation, Budget Preparation, FIRMS, Warrant Issue / Reconciliation System, Capital Asset / Depreciation, etc.)
  • Provide financial services to the County (and related agencies)
  • Monitor and provide Special District audits as needed
  • Provide assistance upon request to County managers in solving financial problems
  • Continue payroll services to the County (and related agencies), Special Districts, and courts
  • Continue pre-audit and processing of claims and issuance of warrants for the County (and related agencies), Special Districts, school districts, Department of Education, Merced College, and courts
  • Continue budgetary control, input, and verification of transactions and distribution of budgetary and control reports to County and Special Districts
  • Continue providing cost data to County departments
  • Continue providing property tax service (maintain tax rolls, calculate tax rates, and apportion taxes) to the County, cities, schools, colleges, Department of Education, and Special Districts
  • Apportion all property taxes
  • Continue to provide services to the Audit Committee and further develop the committee process
  • Continue to provide financial reporting on behalf of County departments
  • Continue implementation of new GASB and FASB standards
  • Continue auditing assistance to the Grand Jury


For more information, call the Auditor-Controller at (209) 385-7511.