Stakeholder Workshop #2

Merced County Housing Element Update Stakeholder Workshop #2

Stakeholder Workshop #2

Wed., July 29, 2009
1:30pm to 3:30pm
County Administration Building
2222 M Street, Third Floor, Room 310
Merced, CA 95430
The Merced County Community Development Department requests your assistance in shaping the County's housing policy, which will guide the development of housing in Merced County over the next five years. On July 29, 2009, the County will hold the second and final stakeholder workshop for the Housing Element Update. The purpose of the meeting will be to obtain feedback from the stakeholders on the goals, policies, and implementation programs in the Housing Element Policy Document. Since the focus of this workshop will on the Housing Element's policy content, we encourage workshop participants to review the Policy Document prior to the meeting.
A house being built.

Stakeholder Workshop Format

The County's Housing Element consultant, Mintier Harnish, will make a short presentation that provides an overview of the process, describes how the Policy Document was prepared, reviews comments from Stakeholder Workshop #1, and summarizes the key policies and programs in the Draft Element. After the presentation, the consultant and County staff will lead the stakeholders in an interactive discussion about the Housing Element's policy content. The input gained from this discussion will be used to refine the Draft Housing Element before it is presented to the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors in a joint study session.

Public Review Draft Housing Element Now Available!

The Public Review Draft Housing Element is now available on the County's website.

The Housing Element consists of two parts: The Background Report and Policy Document. The Background Report documents statistical and demographic data that identifies the nature and extent of the county's housing needs, which in turn provides the basis for the County's response to those needs in the Policy Document. The Policy Document consists of the county's goals, policies, and implementation programs that address the maintenance, improvement, and development of housing in the county.